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Faroe Islands beat Georgia in Penalty Shoot-out

This has been the only match in play-offs at Men’s 18 EHF tournament ,where the fate of the game was defined in penalty series. The final score of the match was 27-27.

Faroe Islands held the initiative from the beginning of the match, they had tough defence and performed quick attacks, in consequence won the first half.

When the match resumed, Georgia showed absolutely different game to their fans. The host team improved their game a lot, they performed better in defence as well as in attacks. In the 12th minute of the match Georgia equalised the score and kept levelling the score during the whole match. Both teams had to face stiff competition and the match turned out to be very emotional and interesting to watch.

Skipagotu, who scored 13 goals was named the best from Faroe Islands and Georgian line player Lapiashvili, with 8 goals became the man of the match.

Tomorrow Faroe Islands will play for 5th place, whereas Georgia will play for 7th.

Birgir Hansen (Head Coach of Faroe Islands): It was a funny game at last, it got tough in the second half. In the first half it was easy for us, but in the beginning of the second half we got too many 2 minute suspensions, our play stopped, the Georgian team was good at that time, therefore the match got tough for us. Today my teams’ game was a 10 out of 10.

Tite Kalandadze (Head Coach of Georgia): ’During the first 15 minutes our team were playing under pressure as they did not know their opponents, and when they realized the strong and weak sides of the opponents, they managed to improve their game. Faroe started first fifteen minutes with advantage, it means that we failed to play during those fifteen minutes. What is the reason for this? Inexperience, we should know our opponents, if we want to play properly against them.

George Lapiashvili: We had a terrible start, we allowed the opponents to take the lead, then we fight and improved our game but it did not appear to be enough to win. I can rate our game with 7 points.

Faroe Islands 32-30 Georgia