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The most tense match

If we follow the logic, then we would not find it strange that the two teams equalising the score eighteen times, finished the match 25-25.On the other side, both teams could manage to win the game. Fortune chose the draw.

The match between Georgia and Finland has been considered one of the most interesting games so far. The opponents managed to extend their lead to maximum two points. At the beginning of the match, Georgia advanced, then Finland went ahead. The situation on the court was unpredictable.

Goalkeeper Iuri silagadze was named the best player in the Georgian team. He really did his best. Furthermore, besides fulfilling his duties perfectly, he even managed to score a goal.

Horelli Jaakko (Finland, head coach): I think we went easy on the defence part through the whole game and we had some problems to score a goal, opponents goal keeper played a very well and if we played better in the marginal moment we could have won this game.

Iuri Silagadze (Georia, Goalkeeper): It was very tense game, boys did everything to win the game. We had a very srong opponent and we played draw. I would rate our game with an 8 out of 10.

Tite Kalandadze (Georgia,head coach): I would rate,underline that inexperienced kids played against experienced players, with the mistakes of the refferies and the strenghth of the opponents we almost won. I congretulate boys on this result, because they have been fighting throughout the game.