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Switzerland started with victory

Men’s 18 EHF championship took place in Georgia. The tournament was open with the match between Switzerland and Estonia. The match was tense and interesting. The first goal was scored by Switzerland. Swiss finished the first half with a one- goal advantage.

For the First nine minutes of the second half Switzerland maintained one to two-goal advantage. Then the difference between two teams were more apparent. When Switzerland was winning by 17-16,Estonia missed two chances of scoring. This turned out to be a turning point of the match. Since then Switzerland were a clear leader of the match. The final score was 33-22 for Switzerland.

Nico Peter (Switzerland, Head coach) : Don’t know exactly, we were very nervous for about 15 minutes, then our defence was with the fast breaks, but we were able to run for 50 to 60 minutes, i think we were a little bit tired, our team was good in fast attacks and that’s why we won the game. at the end our game was very clear but it wasn’t for the first 15 minutes so we had to work hard.

Samuel Zehnder (Switzerland, player of the match): at first i think the team was a little bit nervous and it was a first big competition for us, after a lot of time we got into the game and played very well, we could also win with 10 goals , our team could play very well, i know we could do much better but it was good for the first time, i would give our team a 6 out of 10 in this game.

Marko Koks (Head Coach, Estonia): we started the first half and the second half very badly. Maybe we weren’t ready. Second half of the first period we played quite okay, in the second period of the defence started okay,but we didn’t shoot many times from the six metres and i think we lost the ball too easly, that was the reason why we lost the game.

David Mamporia (Estonia): I’m not satisfied with the team play. Our defence wasn’t so g ood, we didn’t score many goals. I didn’t do my maximum, because i only scored two goals and i missed one.